Three Videos Illustrate Section 8 Sequel's Improvements

Posted on October 10, 2010

Section 8, the multiplayer shooter about a group of neurotic futuristic paratroopers who dropped into battle from space, received moderate reviews and formed a lukewarm online community. TimeGate Studios, the developer for the series, isn’t swayed. It has a vision for the franchise, and its new self-published sequel, Section 8: Prejudice, looks better than ever.

The shooter is set to release next year, but TimeGate has been focused on improving the visuals, developing a single player campaign, and sharpening the controls for this sequel. Let’s break down some of the improvements by looking at the videos below.

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Killing enemies earns players points than can be used to call down turrets, equipment, and vehicles. Some vehicles, such as the mech, can perform new close quarters finishing maneuvers that will bring down opponents with a single blow.

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Like the first Section 8, players begin each match by dropping in from a low orbit. Players with a good aim will be able to pick off targets by falling on their heads, but will probably want to avoid landing right next to a tank. Also like the first game, players will be able to boost across maps with their overdrive ability and use a jetpack to get the drop from above. You may also notice that enemies take fewer bullets, making combat feel more rewarding.

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Prejudice will support 32 player online matches and feature a new mode called Swarm. This cooperative mode is similar to other popular horde modes, featuring a group of players taking on swarms of AI bots. Players’ main goal is to guard a server station from a seemingly endless supply of drones. If a player dies they respawn and drop down from the sky, but if the server station is overrun, it’s game over.

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