User Mod Fixes New Vegas' Biggest Problem: Lack Of Dancing

Posted on December 12, 2010

If you’re playing Fallout: New Vegas on PS3 or Xbox 360, I’m sorry, but this story doesn’t apply to you. Go back to waiting on patches. But if you’re playing the already-patched and relatively smooth PC version, that means you also have access to user mods, and I’ve located one you’re probably going to want to download.

Despite being a fairly happening setting for the Fallout universe, New Vegas is sorely lacking in NPCs who are enjoying themselves. You can solve that problem with the “FNV Dance Animation” mod available at New Vegas Nexus. This user-created add-on adds a ton of unique dance animations for the various NPCs in the world of New Vegas. Check it out in action (with a little Lady Gaga for good measure) below.

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[via PC Gamer]

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