Vanquish [Review]

Posted on October 10, 2010
Vanquish is by far one of the best action games of 2010.
Overall Feeling:
Vanquish is a pure action blockbuster that takes a standard formula and injects a ridiculous amount of style with game mechanics that for once never falter or become boring. The journey Vanquish offers may be a short one that isn’t bolstered by any addition content, but the game is paced perfectly, has amazing boss battles and somehow encapsulates the perfect mix of classic arcade style gameplay with modern sensibilities. Vanquish isn’t another clone nor is it a boring and unrealized Japanese action game; instead it’s one of the most well rounded and relentless action games I’ve played in my gaming career.
The Pros:
The slow-mo and glide abilities are awesome. Unlike other games, the gunplay has that perfect feeling to it and the cover system is equally as good. The writing, plot and acting are a bit corny but it’s never taken too seriously and adds to the charm of the game. With sparks and explosions galore the game is visually pleasing even if there are a few iffy textures. Masafumi Takada does the music, nuff said.
The Cons:
Not having any bonus items or a New Game + mode is a bit of a bummer. The game can be completed quite fast which may disappoint those who like a long and beefy experience. Rating :

If I had to describe Vanquish I would say it’s like butter. As odd that it may sound, I find it to be rather fitting given how damn good Vanquish is. You see, Vanquish is incredibly smooth, is rich in terms of the enjoyment it offers, and when applied to something that is otherwise bland we get a result that is just downright amazing.  That’s essentially sums up Vanquish, a game that is the first title from a Japanese developer that matches and often exceeds what we’re accustomed to seeing from the 3rd person action sci-fi genre.

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