Video Game Mashups We Want To Play

Posted on September 9, 2010

Whenever gamers get together, it’s inevitable that the conversation will steer itself toward speculation and what-if scenarios. Even our favorite games could benefit from elements from other titles and genres.

It’s clearly a thought exercise that designers enjoy playing, too. Games like Darksiders blend recognizable portions of God of War, the Legend of Zelda, Portal, and more to create its own hybrid experience.

With that in mind, the Game Informer editors have compiled a list of gaming mashups we’d love to see. Some are silly, some are a little insane, and some would work out perfectly. When you’re done reading our suggestions, hit the comments section and tell us what games you’d like to blend.

[Photoshop credit/blame goes to Dan Ryckert]

Mega Man X + Metroid (Adam Biessener)

There are a lot of reasons to recommend Mega Man X: The fabulous controls, excellent fast-placed action gameplay, and X’s diverse arsenal. There are as many if not more elements of the game (and the series it spawned) that are…less awesome. Nobody, not even Tim, cares about the “story.” The level design is often needlessly punishing. Instant death (spikes, I’m looking at you) hasn’t been fun since a Medusa head knocked us onto a rotating platform in level two of Castlevania. However! Give Samus the badass weaponry, darting mobility, and action chops of X and we could have a 2D Metroid that would make Fusion look like Other M. The marriage of old-school Metroid’s sense of isolation, exploration, and tension with Mega Man X’s dash-jumps and multi-purpose arm cannon would be brilliant.

Plus, the inevitable unlockable Zero mode would blow our minds.

Twisted Metal + Split Second (Jeff Cork)

Split Second is an exhilarating racing game with great environments and an excellent sense of speed, but there’s one thing it desperately needs—personality. I’d love to see the cars from Twisted Metal crash the party and see how they fare amid Split Second’s exploding planes, falling cranes, and collapsing tracks. Sure, Sweet Tooth can battle with the best of ‘em, but how would he cope when his path is blocked by an errant ocean liner? Twisted Metal’s bizarre and broken world has always been a part of the series (rampaging Ferris wheels, anyone?), but it would really benefit from Split Second’s more precise way of activating hazards. It seems like a perfect mix; Split Second scores some variety in its vehicle selection (and guns), and Twisted Metal gets a little more structure in its gameplay beyond “Be the last one driving.”

Red Faction/Borderlands (Jeff Marchiafava)

Gearbox and Volition both made exceptional open-world games this generation, for different reasons. For Borderlands it was the 16 million weapons that had you continually plunging into the next shootout to see what kind of crazy loot you would pick up. Red Faction Guerrilla had a much more standard arsenal, but featured some of the best destructible environments ever seen in a video game — every structure on the surface of Mars could be smashed, shot, or exploded into tiny pieces. We’d love to see these two unique takes on open-world gaming combined — give Borderlands an even more explosive arsenal and then give us a variety of destructible locations to wreak havoc on. What better way to test the new gun you picked up than by bringing down a building with it?

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance + Halo (Ben Reeves)

Every kid who’s ever worn a cape for Halloween understands the appeal of being a superhero. Video games provide the best opportunity to live out those fantasies, but to truly feel like a superhuman, you should slip behind the eyes of a caped avenger. BioShock is a good example an FPS that gave players extraordinary powers, but we want to see those powers amplified to celestial levels. We’re imagining a first person shooter where players use their cosmic abilities like the standard assault riffle in most shooters. That may sound like an FPS with a comic book skin (and that wouldn’t be bad), but being able to teleport through walls, steal key codes from enemies telepathically, and throw skyscrapers at villains will really set this game apart. Think Mirror’s Edge meets Infamous meets Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

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