Video Game Music News Roundup

Posted on December 12, 2010

Sumthing Else Music Works

Are you searching for that perfect holiday gift for the gamer in your life or perhaps yourself? Then look no further, because The Feed has the info on a half-off discount code to the top video game soundtrack retail site, along with a link to some free game tunes and a look at some new releases announced this week from the video game music world.

If you’ve been following The Feed’s reviews of game soundtracks, then you already know that Sumthing Else Music Works is the leader in OST’s for North American game music aficionados.  Their download store at Sumthing Digital has released a discount code for the holidays, which is good now through January 2nd for not 10, not 20, but a whopping 50% off your purchase!  Use the code: gift50 and all of your download purchases will be half off!  So, all those excuses you’ve been making about not starting your game soundtrack collection are no longer valid.

And the savings doesn’t end there.  If you’ve never added a piece of game audio to your MP3 library, now you can for free and completely legitimately to boot.  Sumthing Else has partnered with Shock Hound to bring you an 11-track collection of some truly kick-ass game sounds from an all-star roster of composers.  Petri Alanko’s “Welcome to Bright Falls” from Alan Wake, Bear McCreary’s theme from Dark Void, Martin O’Donnell & Michael Salvatori’s “Finish the Fight” from Halo 3 and Danny Elfman’s Fable theme are among the fantastic and completely free tracks on this sampler.  Download it and consider your digital music player’s cool stat to be increased by +11, at least.

Square Enix announced this week the release of a 3-in-1 set of Kingdom Hearts music, from Re:coded, Birth By Sleep, and 358/2 Days.  It is scheduled to release in February and is available for pre-order from Square Enix’ Japanese storefront. No word yet if this will see a stateside release.  (Please Square Enix, pretty please?) (via Destructoid)

We’ve also got a pair of new releases out now from the chiptunes scene.  Doctor Octoroc has just released After These Messages, a collection of over 30 tracks from the world of Saturday morning cartoons and beyond.  If the preview below is anything to go by, this will be a must-listen for fans of both tunes and toons.  Also out now is a new EP entitled Telstar Arcade from LA chiptunist, Wizwars.  After seeing Wizwars (aka Kevin Hagge) perform live recently, this writer will definitely be downloading his latest set of bleepy bloopy goodness.

And congratulations go out to composer Christopher Tin, who received a Grammy nomination this week for his piece called “Baba Yetu” in the category of “Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalists”.  Why should this interest you? This performance was originally written for and is better known to gamers as the opening theme to Civilization IV.  Something tells us this category likely won’t get a featured slot during the actual awards though.  (via Gamasutra)



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