What If Irrational Made Metroid And Star Fox?

Posted on December 12, 2010

Game Informer is no stranger to unique renditions of classic game characters. Floods of cool reader art overflow our mailbox every day. Still, seeing some of the creative minds behind BioShock Infinite craft a snapshot of Samus Aran and Fox McCloud in quasi World War II mode is a real treat. There’s even a German version of Ganon by a non-Irrational artist.

These pieces are the result of artists inspiring one another and making awesome stuff under a unified vision. All three images are branded under the “World War Nintendo” banner. We’re not sure what WW-N is all about, but we hope it means seeing more amazing renditions of beloved characters by talented artists.

Samus, recreated by Jorge Lacera:

Kamikaze Fox McCloud by Gavin Goulden:

SS Ganon by non-Irrational (rational?) artist Carlos Villagra:

Now what I’d like to see is someone make Kirby into a *** attack zeppelin.

[via G4]

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